World-Building Warrior

A digital workbook for writers looking to craft fully-developed fictional worlds for their stories.




From geography and civilizations to cultures, religions, magic systems, and beyond, dipping your feet into world-building can be difficult enough. Developing a fully-realized fictional world? Well, a little guidance may be in order...

That's why I've created World-Building Warrior, a digital workbook designed to walk you through the process of building your next fictional world step-by-step. With 165 pages of focused activities and guided questions, this is one resource you don't want to miss!


World-building is a complex and personal task, and no two worlds are alike.

Some world-builders choose to create fully fictional worlds (also called secondary worlds), while others build upon our present reality by crafting alternative histories, bringing legends or the supernatural to life, or launching humanity into an interstellar future. 

No matter which story world you’d like to build, there is guidance to be found in this workbook for you. So what are you waiting for, writer? Grab your copy of World-Building Warrior for just $24 USD today! 

What's inside the workbook?

World-Building Warrior: a digital workbook for writers looking to craft fully-developed fictional story worlds.

World-Building Warrior is comprised of seven sections or chapters, including:

  • Geography & Cosmology. (Exploring your world's landscape, climate, and origins.)

  • Government & Society. (Establishing the civilizations in which your characters will live.)

  • Culture & Religion. (Creating original and believable customs, norms, beliefs, and beyond.)

  • History & Intersocietal Affairs. (Developing your societies' pasts, enemies, and allies.)

  • Advanced Technology. (Defining futuristic technologies and their effect on society.)

  • Magic Systems. (Mapping epic fantastical powers to liven up your story's conflicts.)

  • Fantastical Races & Creatures. (Crafting the creatures that will inhabit your story world.)

Each section of the workbook contains a short introductory lesson and several activities with guided questions that will walk you through the activity step by step. Take a look at the Table of Contents and other secondary photos in the slideshow above for a better understanding of the workbook's set-up.


Who is this workbook for?

Writer, if the world-building process feels far too complex, if your fictional cultures or magic systems have a nasty habit of falling flat, or if you worry you'll never be able to craft worlds as rich and compelling as your fictional favorites, World-Building Warrior is the workbook for you!

Have any questions before getting started? Shoot me an email at any time!

It's time to begin building your own epic fictional worlds. Click the button below to grab your copy of World-Building Warrior for just $24 USD today!