Are you ready to write sensational novels and
build your very best writing life?

No matter your level of experience or the goals you have for your writing, crafting stories you can be proud of is a difficult task.

But you're not satisfied with settling, are you? I didn't think so.

You're sick & tired of letting doubts and overwhelm defeat you. No matter how challenging the journey, you're ready to begin not only upgrading your writing skills, but defining and building the ideal writing life you crave.

I've been in your shoes, and I'm ready to help. Write With Purpose is an in-depth workbook I've designed to help you kickstart your new writing journey. The extra-good news? Write With Purpose is available for free!

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Author and writing mentor, Kristen Kieffer blogs about living and writing well over at

Hi, I'm Kristen Kieffer.

I'm an author of speculative fiction and creative writing resources. I've made it my mission to help writers create sensational novels and build their very best writing lives.

Well-Storied is my online home where I publish articles on the craft of writing, as well as literary discussions, articles on building a happy & successful writing life, and more!

Elevator pitch not your style? Let's get to know one another better. Grab a cup of joe (or whatever beverage you fancy most), and come say hi!