The Well-Storied Podcast 

All your favorite articles from the blog are now available in audio. Tune into today to catch insights, encouragement, and actionable advice designed to help you craft sensational novels and build your best writing life — always in 30 minutes or less.


The Well-Storied Podcast is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and other popular podcatchers, as well as on Youtube and via RSS. You can also catch the running list of episodes below:



What are listeners saying about the podcast?

“This podcast is packed full of valuable and actionable information. Kristen is the real deal. She’s authentic and genuinely wants to help writers “build their best writing life.”

— Amina Cavallo, NumawokCreative.com

“I stumbled upon Kristen’s podcast while in a writing slump for half a year. After a handful of podcasts, I was inspired. After a few more, I was finally writing again!”

— iTunes Review, TravelingFool

“Kristen not only has a calming voice but she creates original content/guidance that really makes you feel encouraged and empowered as a writer. The information is clear, concise, and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

One of my favorite podcasts and truly helping me on my writing journey! :) I highly recommend her blog, workbooks, etc to supplement.”

— iTunes Review, PetiteStacy