Facing the First Draft: Additional Resources

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Have you wrapped up The Pre-Write Project? Congratulations!

With your story guide complete, it's now time to turn your eyes toward writing the first draft. 

Drafting may seem just as complicated or overwhelming a process as pre-writing, but fortunately there are some tips and tools you may find helpful as you prepare to write. 

Check out these additional resources below:

• Write With Purpose: This downloadable workbook will help you find your focus, cultivate confidence in your storytelling, and begin building your ideal writing life.

For more information and to download this workbook, click here.

11 Tips for Finding Your Feel-Free Writing Routine: Figure out a writing routine that works with your schedule and creative process using the tips I laid out in this blog article.

• 4 Steps to Overcome Writing Procrastination: If you find yourself delaying the first draft, you aren't a bad writer. Writing procrastination is common. Learn how to overcome it today!

Should You Fast-Draft Your Novel? If you commonly struggle with editing as you write, re-starting drafts, or growing bored along the way, fast-drafting may just be the perfect technique to add to your writing process.

Click here to learn more about fast-drafting over on the blog.

• My Two-Step Method for Finishing Your Novel: Finishing a first draft is tough. Learn how I personally make the process much less overwhelming in this article I wrote for the blog!

Is there a resource you'd love to see added to this list?

I'd love to continue adding additional resources to this list that will help writers like yourself tackle their first drafts with confidence, so don't hesitate to let me know!

If you're facing a tough writing problem or need additional guidance with a particular technique, click here to get in touch.

Congrats again on completing The Pre-Write Project, writer! Now go conquer that first draft with confidence.

Happy writing!