The Books of Maveryn


The Books of Maveryn is a quartet of interrelated stories that take place before the events of The Dark Between series. Learn more about each book in the quartet below.



Lady Legacy

Status: In revision.

"With her medical training complete, ambitious healer Clíana Godtric sets out to become a world-renowned physician by earning a commission at royal court.

But when her first prominent patient dies mysteriously within her care, Clíana must salvage her legacy by mending the heart of a grief-stricken prince, quelling the suspicions of his superstitious companion, and finding the cure to a strange and deadly power taking root within her."


Rebel Black

Status: Outlined.


"They say I killed my mother as I made my way out of her womb, but that wasn’t uncommon.

No, it was my lips, black as night, and my silent, unbroken cries, trapped inside long-still lungs. It was the way those lungs flared to life the moment my mother breathed her last, as if she'd sacrificed her spirit for the child that had grown so long within her. 

The elders said it was an omen. “It is’na natural for a spirit to leave a body and fill up another,” they told me when my father was not near. It was a careful sentence, restrained, but I knew the truth they kept behind locked lips: I was an unnatural child, a child of the black.

Every day, I recall those words, wondering when I will shed my natural skin and become the unnatural thing that lies within. Today, standing ankle deep in chill autumn mud, fingers slick with blood the color of rust, I wonder if that day has finally come.


Morrow Lord

Status: Outlined.

Blurb coming soon!


Forgotten Son

Status: Brainstorming.

Blurb coming soon!