Outline Your Novel With the 3-Act Story Structure

Are you ready to discover the power of story structure? Overcome the overwhelm of plotting and planning your novel with the 3-Act Story Structure today!

Are you ready to take the overwhelm out of outlining your novel?

Transforming a new story idea or a shapeless first draft into a spectacular full-length book is more than a little difficult. There are endless elements at play: plot arcs, character arcs, stakes, themes, pacing... It's no wonder many writers struggle to give life to the stories in their heads. 

Fortunately, giving shape to your story doesn't have to be as difficult as it may seem. You can craft a strong blueprint for your novel with ease by making good use of a little tool called story structure.

"Story structure is not a story in and of itself. It's simply a blueprint, mapping out the major beats — or moments of conflict — that give a story shape and a sense of pacing, while still maintaining the flexibility needed for unique storytelling."

Of the many structures writers can use, the 3-Act Story Structure is perhaps the most beloved and universal. It works well with most genre-fiction novels, especially those with linear plots and a limited number of points-of view. And while it isn't without its limits, the 3-Act Story Structure works wonderfully across a wide range of stories.

It's also the structure I personally use to outline most of my novels, and I can say from experience that it's made a world of difference in the ease of my pre-writing process and the quality of my storytelling. But perhaps the best thing about the 3-Act Story Structure is its comprehensive nature...

"It doesn’t just help you create a basic outline for your story; it shows you how to craft powerful, interwoven plot and character arcs that together create a story your readers won’t soon forget."

Think you might like to give the 3-Act Story Structure a try? Let's go! 

I've broken down each act of the 3-Act Structure in depth here on the blog, complete with examples from popular stories like The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, and The Fault in Our Stars, so you can better understand how to utilize the principles of this comprehensive story structure to craft spectacular stories of your own.


Ready to get started? Click the links below to check out our actionable breakdowns of each act today!