How to Craft Brilliant Flawed Characters (a #StorySocial recap)

It's time to make your characters real & human. By employing character flaws you not only build an emotional connection with your readers, you add heaps to your story's conflict! Learn everything you need to know in this recap of the #StorySocial Twitter chat over on the Well-Storied blog.

Hello, friends! Time for another #StorySocial recap. In case you're new here (or if you've just yet to hear about our chats), allow me to cue you in: #StorySocial is the weekly Twitter chat that I host every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern.

Each week we get together for about an hour to chat about a fun writerly topic. This past Wednesday, we explored how to craft brilliantly flawed characters.

Did you miss out? Couldn't make it? Forgot all about it? No worries! I'm sharing a recap of this week's chat below. Check it out!


(If you have trouble viewing the embedded chat below, you may need to update your browser. You can also click here to view the recap over on my Wakelet feed.)



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wakelet Powered by Wakelet



Let's Chat!

Did you enjoy this recap of Wednesday's #StorySocial? I hope so! If you have any questions about this week's topic, make sure to let me know in the comments below.

And if you'd like to join us for next week's chat, make sure to head on over to this page for more info. I would love for you to take part!



P.S. I haven't forgotten about last week's recap of our chat on Writer's Mission Statements!

Unfortunately, the Storify app that I use to put together these recaps continues to glitch every time I try to put together that particular chat. I've been in touch with their support, but it's been nearly a week now with no new progress.

I certainly don't want to skip a recap of last week's chat, especially since many called it their favorite chat to date. So I'm thinking instead of a traditional recap, I may soon turn the topic of Writer's Mission Statements into a full article for the blog. Keep an eye out!