The Pre-Write Project

Prepare to write a masterful story by mapping out your plot and character arcs, settings, themes, and more with this 141-page digital + downloadable workbook.


Are you looking to rock your next first draft? Don't settle for less than success!

If you often find yourself struggling to finish a first draft or if you're tired of having to completely overhaul your story during revisions, it's time to give pre-writing a try. Worried that developing your plot, characters, themes, and other storytelling elements will suck the magic out of drafting?

Have no fear! By pre-writing your story, you'll create a reference guide to use as you write and edit your story, helping you avoid the messiness of writing by the seat of your pants and instead embrace the power of drafting with a plan in place. Talk about creating a little magic!


Do you find the pre-writing process to be more than a little intimidating?

You've come to the right place, my friend. The Pre-Write Project is a 141-page digital workbook that I designed specifically to zap the overwhelm out of the pre-writing process. So say goodbye to crappy outlines and half-developed characters and hello to building one fantastic storytelling blueprint. Grab your copy of The Pre-Write Project for just $24.00 USD today!

What's inside this workbook?

The Pre-Write Project

The Pre-Write Project is comprised of seven sections or chapters, including:

  • Jumpstart Your Creativity. (Brainstorming new story ideas.)

  • Expand Your Story Idea. (Developing storytelling foundations.)

  • Identify Your Ideal Reader. (Defining your story's core readership.)

  • Craft Character Stories. (Creating compelling characters.)

  • Outline Your Plot Arcs. (Mapping your story's plot structure.)

  • Expand Your Story Guide. (Crafting settings, themes, and other elements of story.)

  • Research Your Story. (Completing important story-related research.)

The Pre-Write Project also includes four additional sections for authors of speculative fiction:

  • Build Your Story World. (Mapping the landscape of your fictional world.)

  • Create Fictional Societies. (Developing people groups and cultures for your world.)

  • Explore Magical Elements. (Creating believable and well-developed magic systems.)

  • Outline Available Technology. (Identifying and developing technological sources.)

Each section of the workbook contains a short introductory lesson and several activities with guided questions that will walk you through the activity step by step. Take a look at the secondary photos in the slideshow above for a better understanding of the workbook's set-up.


Who is this workbook for?

Writer, if you have a drawer full of unfinished manuscripts, if you worry your storytelling skills aren't up to par, or if you're simply looking for some extra guidance as you prepare to write your next novel, The Pre-Write Project is the workbook for you. 

Have any questions before getting started? Shoot me an email at any time!

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