#StorySocial, a Twitter chat for writers hosted every Wednesday at 9pm EST by author Kristen Kieffer of Well-Storied.com.

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Are you looking to spend dedicated time each week engaging with an awesome group of fellow writers? Look no further. The #StorySocial Twitter chat is the place to be.

Every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern, I host this hour-long chat that sees an average of over 50 weekly participants. Throughout the hour, I pose 5 - 6 questions that keep the conversation rolling on the night's topic. 

What kind of topics do we chat about, you ask? Here are some that we've discussed in recent weeks:

  • Creating well-developed villains
  • Streamlining your writing process
  • How to promote your book on Twitter (how meta!)
  • Giving + receiving critical literary feedback
  • Becoming a smarter reader
  • Building the perfect writing routine

And many more! 

But how can you join the chat? Easy. Here are your 5 steps to chatting success:

  1. Create a Twitter account.
  2. Log in to Twitter at 9pm Eastern on Wednesday nights.
  3. Enter #StorySocial in the search bar.
  4. Click on the "Latest" tab to view the up-to-date conversation.
  5. Follow along with the questions, interact, and make new friends!

(P.S. Don't forget to use the #StorySocial hashtag in your own tweets to ensure that they show up in the chat feed.)

And if you want to kick your chatting experience up a notch, use this tutorial to set up a more stream-lined, easy-to-follow chatting experience via TweetDeck.

This will make replying to questions, catching up on chat notifications, and keeping up with the feed a million times simpler. Case in point? It's the very web app I use to host the chat. (And yes: it's 100% free!)

Ready to join the #StorySocial community? Click here to follow the #StorySocial Twitter account. You can also use that shiny ol' button below to sign-up for weekly #StorySocial email reminders that arrive directly in your inbox. Hurray!



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