The Books of Maveryn

"Fools and mock martyrs are men too noble to do what is right for their people."

A healer, an orphan, a traitor, and a translator. These are the four men and women who will unwittingly shape the course of a kingdom during the reign of Maveryn's most polarizing king. 

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The Dark

"She had heard the night sky called a graveyard, where old lights go to die, but it wasn't true."

The strong will flee as the crown crumbles, leaving the broken and betrayed to rise up against schemers, usurpers, and powers long since lost to legend.

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Short Stories + Poems

"He was born to greatness, and greatness he would achieve."

From short stories that add depth to the world of Maveryn to poems on life and mental illness, I write short fiction that breathes life into the empty spaces of my imagination.

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