Choosing Between Traditional and Self-Publishing (a #StorySocial recap)

Wondering whether you should publish your novel traditionally or through a self-pub route? In our recent #StorySocial chat, dozens of authors talked about this topic, laying out the pros and cons of both routes and how an author can choose between the two. Check out the recap of the chat by clicking over to Well-Storied today!

Are you looking to spend dedicated time each week engaging with an awesome group of fellow writers?

Look no further than the #StorySocial chat. I host this hour-long Twitter event every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern with writers from around the world, and it's an absolute blast. This week, we talked about choosing between traditional and self-publishing. Missed out? Catch all the highlights from this week’s chat in the recap below!


(If you have trouble viewing the embedded chat below, you may need to update your browser. You can also click here to view the recap over on my Wakelet feed.)


wakeletPowered by Wakelet

wakelet Powered by Wakelet



Did you enjoy this recap of Wednesday's #StorySocial chat? If so, consider this your formal invitation to join us for next week's conversation. Click here for more info. I would love for you to take part!


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