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Say hello to our new free e-course, Rock Your Writing Practice!

Whether you’ve failed to finish a first draft or forge a writing routine, build a career as an author or find confidence in your skills and stories, there are so few parts of the writing process that come easy. But don’t let that knowledge defeat you! You don’t have to be dissatisfied with your writing life anymore. The creative fulfillment you crave is within your realm of control.

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(CLOSED) A Well-Storied Giveaway: Celebrating 5,000 members in the Your Write Dream Facebook group!

Writers, it's time to celebrate!

Two years ago, I was seeking connection. Well-Storied's readership was growing like never before, and I was desperate for a community where I could build relationships with the new writers I was meeting — and where those writers could connect with one another in return. It wasn't long before Your Write Dream, our Well-Storied Facebook group, was born. 

As cliché as such a statement may be, I never anticipated that Your Write Dream would one day grow to over 5,000 members. Every day, I'm astounded by the meaningful conversations taking place there, and so humbled to know that what began as a little blog on creative writing in time helped bring so many selfless and inspiring folks together. 

Today, I want to celebrate this incredible community of writers. And what better way than with a giveaway? 

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Introducing our newest Well-Storied workbook: World-Building Warrior!

Writers, who's ready to craft fully-realized fictional worlds?

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest Well-Storied workbook today. The process of crafting an entire fictional world can be more than a little overwhelming. From geography and civilizations to cultures, religions, magic systems, and beyond, dipping your feet into world-building can be difficult enough. Developing a fully-realized fictional world?

Well, a little guidance may be in order...

That's why I've created World-Building Warrior, a digital workbook designed to walk you through the process of building your next fictional world step-by-step. With 167 pages of focused activities and guided questions, this is one resource you don't want to miss!

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Our new free e-course, Developing Complex Characters, has arrived!

Crafting characters that feel as real as the people around us is tough.

As humans, we lead messy lives. With mixed emotions and mistakes made, very seldom can we describe ourselves or our experiences as simple. And bringing that complexity to the page in the form of well-developed characters? Well, that’s an equally messy process. Or is it?

Today, writers, I'm excited to announce the arrival of our newest free e-course, Developing Complex Characters! 

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