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How to Overcome The Fear of Submitting Your Fiction

So, you’re fearful of putting your writing out there into the world…

Well, you’re not alone. Every writer experiences anxiety about letting other people read their work. Every writer fears rejection and criticism. Today, I’d like to help you overcome these fears by sharing insights gained from my own submission experience.

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Can You Really Make a Living Writing Fiction?

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how one can make a living with their writing.

It’s my aim in 2019 to publish my first non-fiction book, Build Your Best Writing Life, which is the first step in transforming my creative business model from a focus on digital information products to one that’s built on publishing. Needless to say, I’ve been learning a lot as I’ve researched, and though I’m currently focused on non-fiction publishing, most of what I’ve learned applies to fiction writers as well.

If, like me, you’ve often wondered if you can truly make a living with your writing, then buckle in, my friend. Today, I’m breaking down a few common myths about what a writing career looks like, sharing whether (and how!) it’s possible to make a living publishing fiction, and doling out the questions you should ask to determine if pursuing a career in writing is right for you. Shall we dive in?

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How to Choose the Perfect Pen Name

Have you ever thought about publishing under a pen name?

There are many reasons why you might choose to do so. Perhaps you'd like to share your stories in secret, select a name that's more memorable or a better fit for your genre, market stories in various genres without causing confusion, or distinguish yourself from another writer or creator with a similar name.

No matter the reason, choosing a pen name that best fits your publishing needs can be tough. What factors should you consider? Is the use of a pseudonym right for you? Let's discuss in today's article, writer!

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How to Find Your Ideal Reader (and why you should get to know them ASAP)

When I first began writing, I didn't have a clue who my future readers would be.

I wrote for myself, as I believe many writers do when they first begin. But I was eighteen at the time, wafting through the grey space between teenage- and adult-hood, and every time I matured as a person, my writing matured too. As a result, my stories were ever-changing, and I struggled to maintain a hold on the narratives I was trying to tell.

This is why, when I first came across the concept of an ideal reader, my interest immediately piqued. With it, however, came a million questions. What in the world is an ideal reader? Can you be your own? How can having a clear picture of your future readers help shape your stories for the better? Writer, we're breaking it all down in today's article, so let's get started!

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