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Launched in April 2017, The Well-Storied Podcast is where I share tips and tricks that help writers craft sensational novels and build their very best writing lives. 

I love sharing helpful writing advice in as many forms as possible. My mission with The Well-Storied Podcast is to transform the articles on this site into audio, so you can listen to the latest from the Well-Storied blog on the go.

Sound right up your alley? You can now tune into The Well-Storied Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, and right here on the blog. Check out the running list of episodes below:

Episode #1: 10 Ways To Care For Yourself As A Writer
Episode #2: How To Write Chapters That Captivate Readers
Episode #3: 33 Ways To Write Stronger Characters 
Episode #4: How To Choose And Build A Powerful Theme For Your Story
Episode #5: 8 Steps To Pursuing A Professional Writing Career
Episode #6: Crafting Strong Character Arcs For Your Novel
Episode #7: How to Write Strong Opening Lines
Episode #8: How and Why to Create a Writer's Mission Statement
Episode #9: How to Raise the Stakes in Your Story
Episode #10: 11 Tips for a Feel-Free Writing Routine

Episode #11: Publishing Your Fiction: Thing to Know Before Getting Started
Episode #12: Traditional Publishing: How Fiction Writers Nab Book Deals & Get Published
Episode #13: The Pros & Cons of Traditional Publishing
Episode #14: An Introduction to Self-Publishing Your Fiction
Episode #15: Breaking Down the Cost of Self-Publishing
Episode #16: The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing Your Fiction 
Episode #17: What is New Adult Fiction? 
Episode #18: 4 Ways to Plot a Trilogy  
Episode #19: How to Craft Character Arcs for Your Trilogy 
Episode #20: Answering Your Questions on Crafting Trilogies 

Episode #21: How do we write in times of strife?
Episode #22: My Favorite Method for Building Character Personalities 
Episode #23: 5 Ways to Frame Your Story 
Episode #24: 4 Steps to Overcome Writing Procrastination 
Episode #25: What Is External Conflict?  
Episode #26: 3 Awesome Plot Structures for Building Bestsellers 
Episode #27: How to Craft Riveting Internal Conflict For Your Story
Episode #28: 10 Truths Every Writer Should Know
Episode #29: How to Rock Your NaNoWriMo Experience 
Episode #30: How to Define Your Character's Goal 

Episode #31: How to Build Epic Emotional Conflict by Utilizing Your Character's Lie
Episode #32: The Four Main Types of Epic Antagonists  
Episode #33: How to Find Your Character's Motivation 
Episode #34: How to Create Strong Pacing For Your Story 
Episode #35: My Top 5 Tools to Get You Writing 
Episode #36: Is a Daily Writing Routine Right for You? 
Episode #37: The First Act: Nailing Your Novel's Opening Chapters 
Episode #38: The Second Act: Is The Middle of Your Story Dragging? 
Episode #39: The Third Act: How to Write a Climactic Sequence 
Episode #40: Breaking Down the 5 Keys to Writing Success
Episode #41: How to Frame Scenes Like a Filmmaker 
Episode #42: Are You Ready to Conquer Writing Overwhelm?
Episode #43: Should You Include An Epigraph In Your Novel?  
Episode #44: Have You Chosen the Right Main Character to Tell Your Story?
Episode #45: How to Title Your Novel
Episode #46: How to Define Your Character's Unique Voice
Episode #47: Should You Fast-Draft Your Novel? 
Episode #48: These 5 Questions Can Help You Write a Better First Draft 
Episode #49: Breaking Down the Hero's Journey Plot Structure 
Episode #50: Finding the Novel Outlining Process That Works for You 
Episode #51: Three Powerful Ways to Brainstorm New Story Ideas 
Episode #52: Exploring My Personal Outlining Process

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