How to Finally Wrap Up Your Novel Project (a #StorySocial recap)

Are you editing your novel to death? Don't know when to stop or how to prepare to publish? Check out this recap from the #StorySocial chat on learning how to finally wrap up our novel projects! (via

Hey, there! Did you know that I host a weekly Twitter chat for writers called #StorySocial?

It's true!

#StorySocial takes place every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern, and each week we get together for about an hour to chat about a fun writerly topic. This past Wednesday, we discussed how to *finally* wrap up our novel projects, and it was a blast.

Did you miss out? Couldn't make it? Forgot all about it? No worries, m'dear!

This week, I thought I'd try creating a #StorySocial recap using Storify, a really cool online app for putting together social media stories. I've pulled all the questions from the chat, as well as some of my favorite responses and other fun moments, to put together a round-up of the night's events.

Do you enjoy seeing this kind of recap? Let me know in the comments below and I'll make sure to make #StorySocial recaps a weekly Friday feature here on the blog!



(If you have trouble viewing the embedded chat below, you may need to update your browser. You can also click here to view the recap over on my Wakelet feed.)



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Let's Chat!

I hope you enjoyed this recap of Wednesday's #StorySocial. If you'd like to join us (we would LOVE to have you!), make sure to head on over to this page for more info. 

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