Read & Written: A Peek Inside My Well-Storied Life (May 2017)

Another month full of stories! Come check out my May 2017 recap to discover what I read, what I wrote, and what I created for Well-Storied.

How in the actual world is it already June?!

I feel like I'm going to wake up one morning and there'll be snow on the ground and Christmas music playing and oh my goodness I need to start buying presents now or everyone's going to hate me. *hyperventilates*

Okay, okay.

My year may be flying by, but at least it's been a rocking year thus far for stories. Reading them, writing them, helping you guys write your own. For the most part, I'm fairly pleased with how 2017 is shaping up. 

May turned out to be an especially awesome month. Let's recap some of the things that happened!


What did I read in May?

As you may remember, last month I filmed a video version of Read & Written to share on Youtube and to include as part of our normal recap here on the blog. This month, I decided to film just a reading recap rather than a recap of ALL that happened in May. 

If you're interested in what I read, make sure to check out my video recap below or over on Youtube. (And don't forget to subscribe for more bookish and writerly videos!)




What did I write in May?

Remember at the top of this post when I said I was mostly pleased with how 2017 is shaping up? Well, let's talk about what I'm not pleased with...

(Hint: it's my writing progress.) 

I'm trying not to beat myself here (I'm typically very good at that), but my manuscripts and I have had a rough go of it this year. After dealing with an extreme lack of motivation in January and February, I spent most of March rediscovering my love for writing.

But in April, shiz in my personal life hit the fan. And it hasn't stopped.

I've had very little mental and emotional energy to go around these past two months, and I've poured pretty much all of it into Well-Storied because...well, before anything else, I've gotta pay the bills. 

(Not that I don't enjoy creating new resources for Well-Storied, y'all. Never doubt that!)

All that to say, my goal of writing and/or revising 30,000 words this month did NOT go according to plan. Not even close. I probably wrote about 7,000 new words. Maybe revised 2k - 3k, and spent the rest of my time working on a new project for funzies.

"New project?" you say. "Don't you already have, like, five in progress?"

I know, I know. I promise I'm not insane. I'll explain everything in a new Youtube video later this month!

So I didn't hit my May writing goal and I don't have any new snippets to share with you today (sorry, friends!), but I DID make some progress. And all progress is good progress, as I always say. It's time I take my own advice and remember that. 👍

What happened at Well-Storied in May?

Now THIS is where I excelled this month.

May brought a bevy of new blog articles, videos, and podcast episodes that I had so much fun creating. I seriously love sharing new resources with you guys, and I was so happy to be able to create so freely this month.

In case you missed anything, I'll break down all of our new resources from the past month below. Gotta catch 'em all!

New Articles:


New Videos:




#StorySocial Chats & Recaps:



Other Exciting Things:

  • Perhaps most excitingly (!!!), this month I transitioned to offering ALL of Well-Storied's resources on a pay-what-you-can platform, meaning all of our paid resources are now available for free to those for whom cost would normally be a barrier to entry.

    I'm beyond thrilled to have finally made this switch, though I have to admit it was a little nerve-wracking.

    My livelihood is now almost completely dependent upon the goodwill of the Well-Storied community, via any donations you guys make through Patreon, Paypal, Ko-fi, or when downloading new resources.

    It's a bit crazy, but so far, it's been an absolutely amazing experience!

    Thanks so much for sticking with me through this transition and supporting Project Anti-Business Model (as I like to call it) with so much love and enthusiasm. You guys never cease to blow me away!
  • This month, I also hosted two lovely guest posts from my dear writing blogger and friend, Emma Welsh. Emma joined us to talk all about the Writer's Ego---what it is, how it may be holding us back, and how we can work to overcome it.

    To check out Emma's articles, click here and here.
  • I also launched our new blog series on publishing this month. So far, I've published three installment in the series: 
  • I also published several new episodes of The Well-Storied Podcast. You can catch all of the episodes listed below over on iTunes and Soundcloud:
    • Crafting Strong Character Arcs For Your Novel (Episode #6)
    • How To Write Strong Opening Lines (Episode #7)
    • How And Why To Create A Writer's Mission Statement (Episode #8)
    • How To Raise The Stakes In Your Story (Episode #9)
    • 11 Tips For Creating a Feel-Free Writing Routine (Episode #10)
    • Publishing Your Fiction: Things To Know Before Getting Started (Episode #11)
    • Traditional Publishing: How Fiction Writers Nab Book Deals & Get Published (Episode #12)
    • The Pros & Cons Of Traditional Publishing (Episode #13)

What are my plans for June?

Ah, June. You've arrived so quickly. 

Last month, I made it a goal to maintain my new work routine while simplifying and unplugging my personal life. I think I did a fairly good job of that, but I'd like to deepen my efforts this month.

Here are the only goals I'm setting for the month of June:

  • Read to relax. I don't feel the need to read a set number books this month, so I'm just gonna keep it simple. I'll read when I feel like reading and see what happens!

  • Stop making public writing goals. Wait, say what? That's right! After 2 years of publicizing most of my writing goals, I finally figured out that doing so all too often kills my motivation. I'll explain why that is in a video I hope to publish later this month!

  • Finally launch the new Pre-Write Project. I've been talking about a new version of The Pre-Write Project for ages, but all spring long I pushed it to the backburner.

    Now, I can happily report that the new edition is nearly finished and I will, mark my words!, launch the second edition of The Pre-Write Project later this month. Huzzah!

And that's where I'm stopping, folks! I often feel like the goals I publish online never seem to come to fruition, and I think that may be a result of the pressure to perform paralyzing my will to create.

This month, I hope to unchain myself a bit from the public eye and get back to creating things on my own terms. We'll see how it goes!


Let's Chat!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my monthly Read & Written recap, friend! I love putting these together. I find they help me stay on track as I work to conquer my goals, so hurray!

Did you have a lovely May? I'd love to hear what you read, wrote, and/or created this month. Come share with me in the comments below!