May 2015's Featured Novel Lady: Faye Kirwin of Writerology

She's Novel Monthly Feature May 2015: Why You Should Be Writing Everyday with Faye Kirwin of Writerology

Welcome to a new She's Novel feature!

Every month, all month, I'll be celebrating one extraordinary Novel Lady or Gent. First up? My fellow writing blogger, the lovely Faye Kirwin of Writerology.

Writerology is one of my all-time favorite blogs across any genre. Faye does an incredible job of merging science with art to create truly original and helpful tips for novelists. I love being a member of The Storycrafters' Circle, her members only club that receives exclusive email content, resources, and special discounts. I would definitely recommend joining for yourself.

Faye is not only a good friend; she changed my writing life forever! 

Her Writember Workshop, which teaches writers how to use psychology to master the art of everyday writing, will forever go down as a hallmark in my writing career. I took the 30 day email course back in March of 2015, and I've written fiction every day since.

I now have over 60 links in my #WriteChain, though Faye far surpasses me with over 500! And no, that is not a typo!

If taking a course isn't exactly your pace, Faye has just released the e-book version of the Writember Workshop today! Yeah, she's a rockstar. And that is exactly why I chose her to be May's featured Novel Lady. So without any further ado, let's hear from Faye herself!

Faye Kirwin

I love Writerology! Tell us more about your site.

I blog over at, where I merge the science of psychology with the art of storytelling. I'm all about helping writers create engaging, realistic characters and master self-discipline, motivation and creativity.

Tell us about your writing. What genre and market do you write for?

I write NA fantasy, steampunk and (occasionally) sci-fi, with a focus on the psychology of my characters. Most of my main projects are novels, but I've also written novellas, short stories, and most recently, microfiction. The latter's particularly taken my fancy of late—can I tell a compelling story in only a few words? I live for a challenge.

How did you get started writing? Have you always written stores or did you discover your passion later in life?

I've always loved reading and knew that one day I'd be an author too—it just didn't occur to me that I could start writing my own books until I was 15 years old. Before that, I scribbled down short stories and wrote plays, but it was only in my mid-teens that I realised I didn't have to wait until I was an adult to get started on my own novels.

I wrote up a storm after that to try to make up for my late start!

What is the most inspiring piece of writing advice you have ever received?

The best piece of advice I've ever received is to write on a regular basis. Before I started writing daily, I'd have a flood of words each NaNoWriMo event and barely anything in between. I'd barely ever edit the words that I wrote during NaNoWriMo because of the lack of motivation or accountability between each of the events and so, while I was getting lots written over the year, it wasn't on a consistent basis.

After starting the Write Chain Challenge in September 2013, suddenly I had the motivation to work on my novels each day. I got SO much more done, including the first draft of my WIP, Her Clockwork Heart, and I saw my writing skills steadily improve thanks to exercising those creative muscles each day.

I feel so much happier, as a writer and a person, now that I'm doing something I love every day, and though I can't remember exactly where that initial piece of advice came from, I'm very thankful to whoever gave it to me!

Faye Kirwin of Writerology on

You've just put out an e-book. Tell us about your self-publishing journey.

I suppose my journey first began back in August 2014, when I set about creating something special to celebrate the Write Chain Challenge's first birthday. The result: the Writember Workshop, a 30 day e-course that teaches writers how to cement writing as part of their daily routine.

After six months of running the email-based workshop, I realized that many people who wanted to take the course weren't able to because of time constraints. That's when I decided to turn the e-course into an e-book and forge ahead on the self-publishing path.

Over the next two months, I took the content from the e-course and edited it into e-book format using Pages for Mac. Designing the e-book was a highlight of the experience for me. Worksheets and images are a central feature of the workshop and Pages let me create a fun layout that probably wouldn't have been possible if I'd gone down a traditional publishing route.

Once all the design work was done, I sent off a copy of the e-book to a group of beta readers, edited, tweaked the design, edited and tweaked some more, all right up until the night before the launch date.

Now my baby has been released into the world and I'm ever so proud of it! Self-publishing has been a whirlwind journey, but one I would—and will—repeat.

One final question for a bit of fun...if you could only read one book or book series for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

Ooh, tough one! I think it'd have to be the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George R. R. Martin. The books are long enough to last me for years and, each time I read them, I can pick up on subtle bits of storytelling that I missed on the previous reads.


Let's Chat!

Thank you so much for stopping by She's Novel today, Faye. It has been such a pleasure to have you!

Love Faye as much as I do? Then, pop on over to Writerology and say hello! You can also give her a shout-out on Twitter @writerology. And don't forget to check out her brand new Writember e-book, out today!